A White Symphony: Bavaria for connoisseurs

3. December 2012 · Ina Dimsky-Legart · news

Welcome home
A  Bavarian winter wonderland journey around the Chiemgau, Upper Bavaria

The Chiemgau situated in the Alps has been rich in minerals. Originally, it was a great source of wood, iron and salt back in time. From 1619 to 1912 the production of salt was the major factor of the economic growth and success of the region. Moreover, did it have a tremendous influence on its beauty, landscape, naturalness. It is our home, our region – kind of a magic treasure trove for connoiseurs.
Experience the white winter symphony in this lovely countryside – only 60 minutes away from the bustling, lifestyle-oriented Bavarian capital of Munich.

Where to stay?
1. a quite unusual concept guest house designed and run by Nils Holger Moormann, a German designer – berge in Aschau is anything but normal, www.moormonn-berge.de
2. a place to be directly on the waterfront of the Bavarian sea- the Lake Chiemsee, www.chiemgauhof.com

Gourmands & Co.
1. a location to dine in a cozy living-room-esque atmosphere, www.essschmiede.de
2. culinary delights – tradition meets innovation, www.auers-schlosswirtschaft.de
3. nouvelle cuisine a la Bavaria, www.schlosswirtschaft-wildenwart.de

In the buzz – the lake Chiemsee
Want to meet the old true king of the 19th century, King Ludwig aka Kini?
Best places to sneak a glance at his splendid architectural highlights: Herrenchiemsee – New Palace and Old Palace, the Augustian Monastery

Or simply enjoy some uncommonly contemplative Xmas moments
1. back in times – the original Christmas fair on the Fraueninsel of the Lake Chiemsee, www.christkindlmarkt-fraueninsel.de
2. take a look at the Benedictine abbey of Frauenwoerth and indulge in a monastic shopping spree of homemade gingerbread, marzipan or herbal liquor, www.frauenwoerth.de


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