ambuja goes DIPOL

20. August 2014 · Ina Dimsky-Legart · news

Let’s go to Mannheim/ Germany. ambuja has made its way to the coziest place south of the bustling metropolitan area of Frankfurt – DIPOL. We say hello to DIPOL and thank Ralph and Christian so much for opening its doors to become ambuja’s hottest hotspot of urban beauty. It is the right time for us, ambuja and its preeminent skin care gems, to be in the spotlight again. DIPOL is the ultimate place in terms of  being a cosmos of style, verve and sheer seduction. You might feel the unlimited kind of vibrancy and overwhelming personality you have never experienced before. Get mesmerized by all the authentic, distinct and inspiring fashion and lifestyle highlights that Ralph and his team have collected – only for you. It is exciting to stroll around. Being welcomed by the most beautiful things one can gather all around the northern globe is spectacular. Moreover, you will definitely sense the ultimate feeling of privacy and home. Be part of ambuja’s next hype – here we go! Let’s roll to Mannheim, chaps.


Ina Dimsky-Legart
diplomierte Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaftlerin, ambitionierte Marketing- und Kommunikationsexpertin und bekennende Kosmopolitin, ist seit 2011 das Herz in der Unternehmensstruktur.

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