Trendsetting Gems for Skin Pioneers

Derived from Sanskrit ambuja represents the perfect amalgamation of nature and molecular science. One DNA. Couture und Empire represent the spirit of our time and the brand‘s philosophy by uniting defined skin needs of global women and men. Urban – minimal, modular-potent.

Couture For Discerning Beauty Connoisseurs

The 8 tailor-made skincare saviours of the custom-made, individual Couture line comprise the ultimate cosmos of individual skin issues. They are formulated, and designed to serve cosmopolitan purists, female minimalists, ecoluxe trendsetters, lifestyle-oriented beautniks, and eco-friendly jetsetters who look for clearly communicated solutions. These fe/male role models are pragmatic thinkers, and define their needs compellingly. Couture is complex in its intensity, extravagant in its simplicity, and dapper in its austerity, thus pursuing those principal key skin objectives, such as anti-aging, radiance, hydration, and pure glam we all over the globe are looking for.

Empire For Global Minimalists

The concept of the easy-going, biological, and all-organic elemental skincare line of Empire is to serve intrepid globetrotters and skin pioneers who set off on a global beauty voyage to explore unknown territories. Our role models are frequent travellers that are extraordinary quality-conscious, intransigent thinkers and what is more looking for multitude in a jar. They need the 3 uniquely multi-purpose, travel companions and beauty emperors that are designed to be uberfunctional and distinctively grooming to avoid unnecessary luggage.