Dedicated to be the game changer. High performance cellular skincare that fuses ancient herbal and medicinal knowledge with pioneering scientific research and expertise, and blends the most potent, effective, cleanest naturally sourced ingredients with cutting-edge biochemistry.


Ingredients-first is key, states the scientific mastermind, Frank W. Legart. Each product is packed with botanical extracts rich in antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and minerals to activate the skin’s repair function, help optimize cell regeneration and to unlock the secret of healthy skin.

S/F SKINFUSION is the result of the perpetual research and development of mastermind Frank W Legart and his scientific expertise of more than 30 years in business as one of the leading cosmetic scientists and internationally renowned beauty bosses. When founding his think-tank lab company he has already believed in the power of organic and wildcrafted ingredients that are the best role models in terms of biomimetics and are powercharged with a strong energy force. So he also goes the extra mile to supercharge S/F skincare with most potent elements foraged sustainably in Bavaria. S/F SKINFUSION utilizes the best of the best with the most precious, purest Alpine spring water leading the way that has its natural source totally unexcitedly in the Alps next door – the origin of life and the nectar of S/F SKINFUSION. All the pure, undiluted ingredients are either natural, organically farmed in Germany or ethically sourced worldwide.

Size really makes a difference, emphasizes molecular scientist, Frank W Legart. He creates the S/F SKINFUSION formulas with molecule-size in mind and expertly selects the right dimensions to target the different layers of the skin. S/F SKINFUSION formulas go exactly there where they are needed to fully hydrate and revitalize the skin. In a word SKINFUSION.

Our from lab to skin philosophy is best reflected in our reinheitsgebot, transparency and quality code. We are committed to using only actives and ingredients that are either directly benefit the health of the skin or support the integrity of the formulations.
To ensure the highest and most uncompromised quality of our handpicked , mostly home-grown ingredients, we not a single step of our production is outsourced to third parties. We believe in craftsmanship, so all of our products are individually handmade onsite and assigned their own batch numbers, guaranteeing the utmost transparency, traceability and integrity. S/F SKINFUSION is result-driven, so we use remarkably higher concentrations of lead ingredients and not just a drop for high-performance skincare.


S/F SKINFUSION uses recyclable glass bottles which also work to preserve the luxurious serums from over-exposure to sunlight, UVA/B/IR radiation and heat. The S/F SKINFUSION packaging is 100% sustainable. All outer paper or card packaging is recyclable and climate-neutral. All S/F SKINFUSION boxes are FSC and PEFC certified.

We are convinced that the best is not enough by half. Roots matter. We believe in what we do – authentic skincare lab-made in our own company headquartered in Bavaria. Everything we do is of exceptional quality and pioneering the ingredients-first philosophy. Quality today means being local, authentic, different and functional.


Your skin is worth the effort. S/F SKINFUSION – one drop only. Created to convince, change, and win. Redefine your skin’s health.


S/F SKINFUSION – your daily dose of beauty. S/F SKINFUSION is an evolving collection of treatments offering German expertise, regional poweractives, familiar, simply effective technologies to raise communication integrity in skincare. The key to a radiantly vibrant and healthy-looking complexion. S/F – a sensory adventure full of tiaré, Tahitian gardenia, monoi, jasmine and vanilla to get the wow glow.

Powercharge your simple skin regimen with the radiance-hydration triple. The anti-aging booster serums are loaded with the magic formula. Treat your skin with ultimate hydration. Your energy and vibrancy coach for healthy-looking skin that is lit from within, making you feel beautiful from inside out.

Regenerating · Plumping · Lifting


The plumping Hyaluron 6X Serum is powercharged with a unique 6-fold complex of long-, medium, short, ultrashort-chain and hydrolized hyaluronic acid molecules and bio-glucomannane. It acts as an instant super-hydrator. The rejuvenating serum instantly stimulates skin’s vitality. The power-booster reduces the appearance of lines and sagging skin and improves skin’s elasticity leaving skin feeling firmer, refreshed and visibly more radiant for the long term. The anti-aging powerhouse provides a visible lift while demonstrably improving skin texture and tone. That’s the real skinfusion.


The plumping Hyaluron 5X Serum is powercharged with a unique 5-fold complex of long-, medium, short-chain and hydrolized hyaluronic acid molecules and glucomannane. The anti-aging serum deeply hydrates skin. The rejuvenating booster helps boost skin’s vitality, reduce the appearance of lines and unevenness. Your daily source of powerhydration.


The nutrient-rich, firming, anti-aging tetra Vitamin C 4X Serum is infused with a unique 4-fold source of 4 distinctive Vitamin C molecules and the Vitamin C superrich, organic superfruit, Kakadu plum, from Australia. 4X helps boost skin’s radiance and vitality. The lightweight glow booster improves enhanced elasticity. For a visibly transformed skin.