Fat-Melting 2013 Diet, Workout and Tanning News

15. March 2013 · Ina Dimsky-Legart · news

Do not panic if you are not beach-ready yet. The 3-phased plan.
Trim your waistline with the right diet schedule, best-results workout and dynamite insta-thin tan.

No need for onetime surgery lipo and co.
Diet plan first. What kind of food and beverages to eliminate?
Sugar, fried foods, bread, pasta, fast foods, baked goods, cheese, processed sandwich meats and above all packaged foods. Do not drink any alcohol, soda, fruit juice and anything caffeinated. Caffeine is only a key beauty elixir when being an active ingredient of potent anti-cellulite products. Eliciting inner beauty. But caffeine in drinks only stimulates your adrenals, which produces cortisol and hence turns your belly fat.

What to drink and eat every day? Have at least 8 glasses of still water, two cups of detox tea, and unlimited decaffeinated herbal teas. Mix and match these lunch or dinner options. Detox smoothies, grilled turkey or salmon and garden or quinoa  salad with lentil soup and sauteed veggies. Post-workout snack options might be low-fat yoghurt and dried apricots, walnuts, almonds, apples, etc. Munch on as many raw veggies or dried fruit as you need to feel full. So you will never go hungry on this diet.

Best-results workout second. Jogging endless miles, logging hours at spinning classes will not yield maximum results – we yell hurray. It makes much more sense to do a combo of cardio and strength training. So you will build lean muscle, which will raise your resting metabolic rate – perfect. That combo means good news – burning more fat. Got it? We already hail the new body hero.
So for best results you have to go to class at Barry’s Bootcamp. Click on www.barrysbootcamp.com or order the 5 Day Academy DVD to do your home workout.

Third stage. Watch out – no renunciation at all. Simply pure joy.
Jazzed up, dynamite insta-thin spray tanning. The time to show off has nearly come. The day before revealing your newly firm and lean body, you have to get a pro airbrush tanning session, which can sculpt your body in less than 30 minutes with the right shading, blending and contouring. Munich’s queen of airbrush, Yasmin Bhatti, the SPA director of the renowned The Charles Hotel is the expert, the perfect spray-tan technician. You always have to keep in mind that going darker will not only slim you, it will help hide cellulite, varicose veins and stretch marks instantly. For the best and most natural results you need to go darker, but within two or three shades of your normal skin tone. Achieved the impossible – no, only opting for the perfect 2013-body makeover that  has been accomplished.

And it is fashion time. Unveiling terrific summer colors from vivid fuschia, electric plum paired with bright berry, chartreuse, tan and rose shades. Take out a step of neutral territory. The effects of your body makeover can be elongating. Embrace all the good vibrations.




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