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The C hype 2018 – being on everyone’s lips. A beauty revival.

Meet one C class hero. THE POWER SERUM by DEAGE, our super-charged urban pollution shield designed to power up cell renewal and boost skin’s defense system. The inclusion of our patented cell-communicating, vitamin_C² formula™ contributes to revived refreshment and refined skin appearance. The intelligent anti-aging serum protects skin against oxidative stress and the effects of UV radiation and blue light. Buy now your BBB, best beauty buddy, of this endless summer season of 2018. Find here your best concentrated energy coach.

Ina Dimsky-Legart
a graduated comperative linguist and ancient philologist majored in English Literature, too has been foreign language-inclined since early childhood and so started working at the family-run business of her husband, the creative mastermind and founder of Legart Forschungsatelier, as Vice President, CMO and Head of Corporate Communications and Global PR in 2011. The brands‘ names, origins and stories are all rooted in her scientific studies of Indogermanic languages and history.

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