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October 2020

Good old friends calling – at the beginning of this summer in this uber-challenging year, Germany’s beauty bible, the one and only GLAMOUR BOOK, contacted our think-tank lab again consulting our mastermind expert about the beauty trends of 2020. What about scientific revelations, secret innovations, latest R&D projects possibly making history after COVID-19? Which topics are still en vogue, never vintage, or have been shelved pandemic-wise. A real beauty maker was in demand.
The topics of the future, according to Frank W. Legart, our brand’s scientific mastermind, are still dedicated to sustainability, and moreover such core topics as marine biotechnologies, specifically focussing on algae, plankton and seaweed, the skin microbiome and actually a youngtimer, but now a trendsetting forerunner, the research and decoding of stress reduction through neurotransmitters, and one of his all-time favorites, the biomimetic approaches to active ingredients and formulations.

Here we go with a short excerpt from the call interview between Margit Hiebl from GLAMOUR and Frank W. Legart.

MH: Are there exciting active ingredients on the horizon?

FWL: Certainly yes.

With the superantioxidant turmeric leading the way based on its tradition in South Asian medicine and nutrition specifically covering the 21st-century topic of anti-irritative active ingredients.
And then let’s go botanical – herbal hyaluron extracted from the baobab tree, or precious plants, like the photoaging inhibiting acapulco tree extract which is megarich in flavonoids. Followed by the regenerative cotton thistle with its excellent repair function stabilizing cohesion and regulating skin hydration in the long term. Generally antioxidants such as the heart clover or the phyto-bioactive Buddleja officinalis flowers offering excellent blue-light and 365° photo protection.

News from the lab

BTW, we recently launched THE CURE – called supershot. One shot a day keeps not only the doctor away, but really makes a difference in terms of anti-pollution, digital detox and anti-aging. The power fluid is the uber glow getter for the festive season – supercharged with the pioneering superactives of tomorrow, the Methuselah enzyme, fermented desert rose and our signature, patented SUPERFLUID™. Let it snow, let it glow.

MH: And another question of the year. Can perfume be used as a hand sanitizer?

FWL: Bang up to date. Commonly, perfume would be an option due to the high percentage of its alcohol content. But be cautious and don’t overuse it. It might be a short-term alternative when there is no hand sanitizer handy. But from a toxicological point of view it is more a no-go because its exposure to the skin, the largest organ of our human body, is counterproductive with regard to the increased potential for irritation and odor.

So don’t forget to stay safe, alert and best at home. Stay tuned.
Looking forward to seeing you in 2021. Wishing you happy holidays, xx

Ina Dimsky-Legart
diplomierte Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaftlerin, ambitionierte Marketing- und Kommunikationsexpertin und bekennende Kosmopolitin, ist seit 2011 das Herz in der Unternehmensstruktur.

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