Scrapbook notes | Day 3 according to the Es calendar

7. February 2012 · Ina Dimsky-Legart · news


Next pose for the cameras

Tuesday, 9 am: A lot of beauty followers and media people line up for entrance. It takes some time to enter the spectacular, high-end trade show although the weather as well as the temperatures outside are much better than inside – more than 50 Fahrenheit – all our prayers for divine intervention have been heard. Sensational. All are full of expectations. Yesterday we already knew immediately after the first seconds of opening our booth that not only have we been to a better smelling showcase before but also the design of the space and the products themselves may never get better than anywhere else. Today we are a bit more relaxed and preoccupied with the second panel discussion. It is something in the air – W Mag’s panel hosted by Jane Larkworthy, beauty director of W Magazine. Here we go.
10.30 am: Press the button, 6th floor again, the discussion area is already packed to capacity. Nearly the whole who’s who of the national beauty elite is present. Hands down –  all are styled to perfection, impeccable fitting, spot-on styling, a perfect balance of quirk and elegance. Jane has already channeled a vibe over the crowd before she finally arrives. That is until she emerges, immediately commanding the attention of every single notable and budding female or male spectator. The final count down to the official start at 11 am is nearly over.

11 am: The W panel discussion starts, but unfortunately without us, because so many beauty fanatics and enthusiasts from all around the world are spellbound by ambuja and its launch. So we cannot disappoint the crowd and leave our booth empty for the next hour. But after the great discussion something is awaiting us – Jane approaches booth 101. We are overwhelmed and paralyzed with happiness and humbleness. It is like Xmas in January. Unbelievable, despite the fact that she has a full appointments diary, she is there and visits the brand-new German zeitgeist beauty brand – absolutely spontaneous, extremely interested, highly professional. ambuja has  been honoured, virtually raised to the peerage and eventually climbed Mount Olympus. Then the remaining hours pass and suddenly it is already 6.45 pm. Some stands at the Es are untimely abandoned. The general packing is in full swing. Actually it is a pity. Now we are well settled, best prepared for the next weeks to come, but it is almost done, just before closing time.  ambuja has passed the first exam and managed to do a great deal. The direct customer contacts have made us forget all the preparation stage as well as high stress. Now it is 8 pm, we are ready for take-off, booth 101 is cleared off and we are looking forward to coming back in summer – next Es, 4th edition. See you there, August 20 – 21, 2012. XOXO


Ina Dimsky-Legart
diplomierte Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaftlerin, ambitionierte Marketing- und Kommunikationsexpertin und bekennende Kosmopolitin, ist seit 2011 das Herz in der Unternehmensstruktur.

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