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15. February 2012 · Ina Dimsky-Legart · news

We made it

The aftermath of Es we can clearly feel. Tiredness, high-heel phobia, dehydrated and fatigue skin – but shouldn’t we have anything to stop it, should we? Yes, the jet lag wunder to ultimately infuse the skin with a potent dose of hydration and resilience – dewdrop elixir, two days ago it was launched @ Es. Got it. And for some lost radiance I apply some droplets of retexturizing charisma elixir on my face -the  perfect energizer and glow for a city that never sleeps with all the styled fashionistas. But my time in our black and white only bathroom is nearly up, I have to put on some make-up and here I am. New York is calling and my skin looks vibrant, lustrous, well pampered, wonderfully bright and super-infused. We only have to hail a cab, but we are late. At 10 am we meet Uli in the village, exactly in the bespoke Café Cluny. Let’s see if he is bringing someone with him, because all the time there is someone accompanying him. It is so fantastic and exciting – a breezy welcome follows.
Café Cluny –  synonymous with authentic French l’ art de vivre, narrow space, grand smell, fresh croissants – ultimately tasty. Unlike the bespoke German punctuality we are very late, because the NY cabdriver didn’t know where to go. The village was a bit too confusing and jammed. But Uli has already talked shop with Yosh and Vero. And the topic, of course, Es, next edition 2012. When, where, anyway. Maybe somewhere else, let’s go west in summer. L.A., much better the hot desert of Las Vegas or what about leaving Vegas for Hong Kong? Some other ideas left. All of us think differently, but you know there’s more than one way to skin a cat. But the exact date is whispered. No rumors, come and see all fragrance and beauty visionaries in late August 2012.
Well prepared for the beauty jungle of Big Apple we start our trendsetting beauty journey in the village, the oh-so-quaint and charming neighborhood. We want to explore the unknown. The weather: 55 Fahrenheit, sunshine, totally easy-going. Hopefully, we don’t get trampled by those darn sex and the city tour groups. Our trendspotting itinerary takes us directly down Christopher Street and looking diagonally and across the square there it is: C.O.Bigelow, the oldest drug store in the US with vintage atmo and cult supplies – maybe ambuja’s first home? Who knows… Then we race back for honeybunch Christopher St and get caught in fragrante at Aedes de Venustas, the baroque jewel selling the best in hard to find scents and candles – bad luck, no interest in skin care made in Germany. Finally we arrive in the Bathroom, it is not a mistake or anything indecent. It is rather full of bath and body care, but not so pricey. Now we are back on Bleecker, then exit left and up to the corner with Perry Street to have a pitstop at Marc Jacobs’ shops, the cheapie accessories outlet and his bookshop. Oh, what kind of surprise, our Es neighboring booth Bond #9 and its Bleecker St scent is there, too. Before leaving the village we already see some lardy tourists lining up outside Magnolia Bakery – it is too crowded to have a über-sweet cupcake.
But now it is time to change perspective after this intense care-tour. Let’s indulge my passion for standout stores and concentrate on fashion, runway style, urbanistas, fashionistas, and … Come and visit with us the Meatpacking District. Once the pre-dawn domain of dead meat and deadbeats, it is now a flash-trash playdom with superb shopping addresses. We begin our tour at 75 9th Ave – it is near W16th St. DDC Lab could be described as urbanista duds heaven, Jean Shop as the ultimate denim mecca and for me, being a label junkie, it is Jeffrey – the European luxe temple. The next shop is SCOOP with all bespoke fashion essentials in the latest colors from mint julep to key lime pie. Too sweet not to take a bite of these jeans. But if you already thought of macarons, don’t despair. Let’s come and join us tomorrow to take a stroll along Madison Ave and finally end up in love with Upper East’s French “bakery” Ladurée – not only the best in Paris.


Ina Dimsky-Legart
diplomierte Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaftlerin, ambitionierte Marketing- und Kommunikationsexpertin und bekennende Kosmopolitin, ist seit 2011 das Herz in der Unternehmensstruktur.

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