Tuscan rhapsody | Pitti Fragranze, Florence

18. August 2014 · Ina Dimsky-Legart · news

The carefree life of Italy | ambuja and Fragranze 12
Words and perfume being in the limelight of Florence, Tuscany again and this time ambuja is ready for the Italian takeoff.
We love a little bohemian flair, especially during long, warm summer days. That is why we decided to be part of this contemporary showcase of precious, artisan scents and future-oriented trend cosmetics. Our inspiration comes from all around the globe but we believe in the objects that take you on a journey are even more special. That is why we invite you to join our Tuscan party and leave together for the most inspiring olfactory fair. Pitti Fragranze will be taking place in Florence, Tuscany in early September 2014.

Location // Stazione Leopolda
Show hours // September 12 – September 14, 2014

Pitti Fragranze 12, the international fair-event will bring and attract the best in artistic perfumery and contempo skin care to Florence.  An exceptional observatory with its sights set on the world of olfactory culture and innovative cosmetics, Fragranze showcases the most exclusive, high-quality craft fragrances, selected skin care and wellness products, cosmetics and sophisticated scented accessories of over 200 of the most qualified brands worldwide.

The layout and this year’s theme
Profumi & Parole – Words and Scents
Graphics and videos will accompany visitors along this unusual itinerary dedicated to the dialogue between fragrances and the words of poets and writers, an itinerary that is an ideal link with one of this edition’s special projects, Verba Olent.

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