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August 2019

Come on VOGUE! Are you ready to dance with us?
Let us strike a pose, because globetrotter mask has made it en VOGUE Germany. And you know, before it is beauty (fashion), it is in VOGUE.
What an amazing online launch of our moonwalking beauty hero, since up to the official brick-and-mortar launch in September 19 in Hong Kong, the one-and-only urban pollution magnet is only available here.
Stardust for your skin. We have sent someone to the moon to step onto the lunar surface and grab some stellar dust – a small step for a man, but who knows, maybe an even bigger or giant leap for skin enthusiasts – freely adapted from N. Armstrong.

Don’t miss this insider chance. Good to know for netjetting globetrotters.
globetrotter mask is the ultimate mobile task force in terms of de-pollution and urban anti-aging. globetrotter mask is the antioxidant shield infused with the healing powers of Earth.

Generally speaking, the 2019 anti-pollution must-have for every tote. The advanced hybrid mask has been designed to instantly draw dirt, debris, sebum, impurities, excess oil and pollutants away from your skin like a magnet because of the inclusion of the Superstone-Adapto-geneā„¢ complex, enriched with volcanic rock powder, Amazonian clay and desert rose. The ferment-based exfoliation formula immediately lifts dullness, diminishes the look of dark spots and fine lines while immersing skin in moisture. Your frequent flyer skin is hyperprotected against megapollution, UV radiation damage, digital and oxidative stress. Your BBB, best beauty buddy, leaves your complexion plush, clear, radiant and silky soft.

That is the redefinition of anticip-aging. Anti-Pollution is the new Anti-Aging. ambuja.



Ina Dimsky-Legart
diplomierte Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaftlerin, ambitionierte Marketing- und Kommunikationsexpertin und bekennende Kosmopolitin, ist seit 2011 das Herz in der Unternehmensstruktur.

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