5. September 2018 · Ina Dimsky-Legart · ambuja highlights news

September 2018
Wanted: multitasking power sprays? Noble, pure, sheer.
En German Vogue on its scout. They did exactly look for zeitgeist splash droplets, did not they? Yay! Problem fixed, mission accomplished. And so the frequent flyer, zeitgeist splash, the ultimate liquid energizer, power hydrator, invigorating booster went on its world tour – jet setting, cruising, sun bathing – drop by drop. Need some extra refreshment, the runway dewy look?

Watch out: Next stop on our way round the world: Hong Kong. A city of colonial history and global future. Enigmatic, eclectic, vibrant in three words. Hong Kong, a city that eludes classification, but casting a tantalizing spell over everybody. Vital refreshments needed and a jet-lag fighter couple deluxe, zeitgeist splash and dewdrop elixir, the ultimate hydration boosters and elixirs of youth that kick off a run of victories. Over and out!

Ina Dimsky-Legart
a graduated comperative linguist and ancient philologist majored in English Literature, too has been foreign language-inclined since early childhood and so started working at the family-run business of her husband, the creative mastermind and founder of Legart Forschungsatelier, as Vice President, CMO and Head of Corporate Communications and Global PR in 2011. The brands‘ names, origins and stories are all rooted in her scientific studies of Indogermanic languages and history.

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