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6. May 2020 · Ina Dimsky-Legart · ambuja deage highlights news press ToDo

May 2020


We are beyond grateful that we the founders of the latest avant-garde for the skin Legart Forschungsatelier have made it into the Chinese edition of WSJ. – Wall Street Journal Magazine, that a big name in the publishing houses and international media sky. That award-winning publication under the management of Baojian LI, editor-in-chief of WSJ. and group executive chief editor of Huasheng Media and the fabulous Chris Wu, managing editor of WSJ. mag, approached us a couple of weeks ago all of a sudden. They express their idea to interview us for the new series of PEOPLE WHO DESIGN together with such big names, fashion show revolutionists, celebrity designers, 3D artists, interior designers and creative directors such as Alexandre de Betak, Peter Do, Ivan Miya, Uno Lai, Renee Merckx. They have virtually doorstepped us. And so we spend the most fabulous 2 hours talking with Ladong Chen about design, creativity, entrepreneurship, branding, innovation and our home and workplace in the Alps in native Bavaria. No trendy hotspot, but simple, rural life – an idyll, a dream-like, longed-for destination, a holiday region, a perfect retreat. Romance meets nature, picturesque villages, pure nature and glacier water, fresh mountain air, breezy mountain lakes and a plethora of castles from our Bavarian king, König Ludwig, nearby. What a hoot. It is gobsmacking for a think-tank lab and brand incubator.

Thanks for having us and sharing. To all of the experts and editors who singled out this amazing crowd of innovative leaders. The best is yet to come.

Stay safe, stay home. Take care and all the best. Hope you are well, xo Ina & Frank.

Ina Dimsky-Legart
diplomierte Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaftlerin, ambitionierte Marketing- und Kommunikationsexpertin und bekennende Kosmopolitin, ist seit 2011 das Herz in der Unternehmensstruktur.

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