Legart Forschungsatelier is the R&D incubator and conceptual think-tank lab company which was established in Kitzbühel, Austria, in 2003 by its owner and founder, Frank W Legart. Frank W Legart is a scientific chemist, lecturer, and molecular scientist who has been internationally known for his extensive, and comprehensive approach to cosmetic chemistry, and molecular science utilizing ultra-modern, and ancient knowledge for more than two decades. 

Handmade in Bavaria

Legart Forschungsatelier is a Bavaria-based, family-owned and -run enterprise driven by visionary zeitgeist, and the key advantage in state-of-the-art patented technology. We at Legart Forschungsatelier stand for down-to-earthness, deceleration, and drive to research. Craftsmanship needs time and space, sticklers for detail, and passion.

The Modern Art of Skincare

Our Manifesto

Tradition follows future. Manufacture meets think-tank lab. Tracing the roots is important. Our skincare brands are 100% handmade in Germany, and produced in our own manufacturing premises in South Bavaria. We create limited, distinctively handcrafted editions of genuine beauty gems, and true skin saviours. Our bespoke, sustainable beauty products are based on hand-picked, authentic raw materials that are unique in terms of maximum concentration, potential, genuineness, sincerity, and practicality. Unadulterated, purest alpine spring water from the Kitzbuehel Alps is the kind of precious jewel that we all need to survive. In our products we serve it to our customers drop after drop. Quality develops trust. We are not promising to work miracles, but we devote our attention, and sustainability to our clients, customers, and beautinistas.


That really matters. Lovers of craftsmanship and inalienable standards.

Our skincare lines are  100% handmade in Germany and produced in our own manufacturing facilities in South Bavaria. We create limited, distinctively handcrafted editions of genuine skin charmers. Our major objective is to concentrate on conceptualizing bespoke, limited, puzzling, enigmatic and cutting-edge problem-solving beauty products. We wish to amalgamate the world of cosmetic science with the composition of zeitgeisty fine art by creating discerning objets d’art with a twist. We assume personal responsibility for man and nature. Our family and personnel are the heart of our company and have proved a recipe for the future.

The Purity Law

Sheer, pure, undiluted. Our pledge of honor.

We develpop all our products in accordance with the stern dictates of absolute purity based on all our hand picked, pure and potent, sustainably wildcrafted botanical essences. They masterfully fuse together to create one unparalleled, highly cogent concoction after having been completely synthesized, absolutely reduced and radically distilled. Our products are based on authentic raw materials that are unique in terms of maximum concentration, potential, genuineness, sincerity and practicality.

The Absolute Reduction

Experimental, clean formulas that break the cycle. Less is more.

The commitment of Legart Forschungsatelier is to concretizes authentic naturalness, a deep love of nature and the radical concentration on purest and elemental, non-toxic, absolutely clean essences. We refrain from utilizing any non-essential, superfluous and redundant ingredients since our company has incorporated expertise, thirst for research, scientific nature and empirical knowledge for more than a decade. We choose our bioactives based on sustainability, effectiveness, safety, biodiversity and biocompability. 

The Difference

Lived responsibility and no-standards.

All our formulas are loaded with 100% ingredients of natural origin. Our products are 100% vegan and 100% gluten-free. We pack our products with the best bioactives and then seal them off from the environment.

We do not utilize any preservatives, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, colorants, paraffins, mineral oils, petrochemicals, sulfates, silicones, ingredients of animal origin, genetically engineered and produced ingredients, PEGs/ Eos and radioactively irridated ingredients.

We promise 100% ecoluxe skincare gems, 100% efficacy, safety and responsibility for man and nature and last but not least 100% craftsmanship. All our formulas are dermatologically tested. We never test on animals. Quality devolops trust. Our formulas are created according to the EU regulations and the 1223/ 2009/ EC Cosmetics Directive. 

A note from the founders

The Mastermind

The lived skin history signifies my scientific R&D future and passion, states the distinguished creator, intrepid skin pioneer and stargazer of cosmetics, founder and owner of Legart Forschungsatelier. At large, his professional commitment is driven by R&D and, in particular, by the yearning for unexplored beauty territories to imagine and concoct unique modern cosmetic art and elicit inner and outer beauty. His major objective when establishing the conceptual think-tank lab company in Kitzbühel in 2003 was and still is to concentrate on conceptualizing bespoke, limited, puzzling, enigmatic and problem-solving beauty products utilizing only ultra-modern high technologies in symbiotic relation with ancient knowledge. When pursuing his interdisciplinary studies on biomimetic structures while graduating from university he was  able to push open the door of an old-established cosmetics company. There he was introduced into the world of beauty and got to revert to the ancestral traits of Prof Dr Sauerbruch.

After 10 successful and preeminent years in leading management positions he took over the management of a leading professional skincare brand based in Austria. The year of 2003 manifests a milestone in his vita since Frank W Legart gave the go-ahead for establishing his own company. Legart Forschungsatelier was founded in Kitzbühel. For more than 17 years he has been providing his scientific know-how and talent as a beauty researcher for leading cosmetic enterprises globally. He is a sought-after lecturer, certified safety assessor, writer and photographer.

The Heart

Ina Dimsky-Legart, a graduated comperative linguist and ancient philologist majored in English Literature, too has been foreign language-inclined since early childhood and so started working at the family-run business of her husband, the creative mastermind and founder of Legart Forschungsatelier, as Senior Vice President, CMO and Head of Corporate Communications and Global PR in 2011. She has always been guided by the master of pen, William Shakespeare stating that "it is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves". So the brands‘ names, origins and stories are all rooted in her scientific studies of Indogermanic languages and history.