Tides of time. deage. The globetrotter. Your sophisticated beauty shots and enroute skin saviour. The on-the-go haven of home and protection. The ultimate pleasure to skin.

Science no fiction.
Decoded skinfusion.

Faces are the new social currency showing our involuntarily surge of emotion, we can feel when we see an image of a face we love. Analysing your skin’s yesterdays is the key to stay ahead of times and perfect its future holistically. Your lived skin history signifies the future of deage by satisfying the yearning of your skin for deceleration and equilibrium. deage is the intelligent aging concept of 6 beauty shots steeped in history and advantage in patented DEAGE® SONOCHEMISTRY TECHNOLOGY. It takes time to mature. We lavish time on you to indulge in get-ahead beauty shots. It is worth investing in time, sophistication and uniqueness. We at deage encapsulate the very best in skincare, put in as much as possible and seal it off from the environment for the future history of your life. Anticip-aging and personalization. A shift from correction to prevention.

Beauty shots

The 6 uniquely formulated, sought-after skin friends and real beauty shots decode all the hidden messages of your skin and become remedies for instant hydration, resilience, environmental skin protection, firmness, anti-pollution, radiance and nutrition.

Skin never rests but repairs

deage promotes the intelligent way of skin perfection by diminishing the signs of aging, plumping, densifying skin and restoring youthful dewiness. Stay tuned and youthful, for long and love. deage understands the particular needs of your skin, providing custom repair for the damage you feel and even see, and the damage you do not. Let us visualize the invisible together. The younger you start, the better you look, the more chance you have to deage.